Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Thing To Do

I happened across an article by Leo Shane III of Stars and Stripes which refered to PTSD. (Ref. link that follows for article in question.)

I have never served in the military but my dad served during the Korean Conflict. I was an adult when Dad was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress yet it was more than 25 years after he had served.  He didn't romanticize about his time spent in the military and never suggested that he questioned his choices, actually he said that joining the military at that time was just the thing to do.

I recall him telling me the story of arriving home. He was walking down the street and saw his former boss. The man told him that it was nice to see that he was back and said, “I'll see you at work Monday morning.” Years later he laughed about that and told me, “So on Monday morning I went to work.”  I had a ton of questions.  Did you know what you would be doing for work, did you still want to work there, what were they planning on paying you?  He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I went to work on Monday because it was the thing to do.”

When Dad was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress he was shocked.  He couldn't believe that he had been living with PTSD all of those years and never knew it was a condition that could be diagnosed.  From the time that he arrived home he had kept busy leading his life and suddenly PTSD was demanding his attention.  Recognizing PTSD and acknowledging it was the thing to do.

The article in Stars and Stripes refers to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but my dad nor his doctor ever referred to it this way. They referred to it as Post Traumatic Stress.  Perhaps these men were just wise l beyond their years and refused to give it a negative connotation.  Reading the article from Stars and Stripes only gives civilians a glimpse of what it is like to come home. We need to welcome these men and women home and treat them well because it's the thing to do.   

Monday, May 20, 2013

Yep. We Would Like To Make Money Too.

We like to save money.  We like to help others save money.  And time.  After all, time is money so they go hand in hand.

We've been wanting to upgrade one of our computers but the budget did not allow.  We guess weren't not alone in having the problem of limited funding but the truth is that didn't make us feel much better to once again postpone something that we've wanted to do since the first of the year.

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